Following the viral video on Social Media Platforms over the massive loss of revenue by fish farmers as many of their Tilapia fish allegedly died as a result of dredging activities being carried out close to the fish
farm, the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of Mineral Resources has commenced investigation on the allegation.

According to a statement by the Special Adviser to Mr. Governor on Mineral Resources, Engr. Abiola Olowu, the Ministry has issued a stop-work to all dredgers in the area, while a Solid Mineral investigative team team, led by Geologist Emilio Cardoso, Director of Solid Mineral Department, has been deployed to the site to ascertain the veracity of the claims.

Speaking further on the allegation,  Geologist Cardoso alluded to the fact that it is quite unfortunate that
the reported incident of the death of the fish is true even though we
are very careful not to jump to quick conclusions over the cause of
the incident without conducting a proper investigation and laboratory testing.

He said, “As a way to calm the intense atmosphere, the
Ministry has issued a Stop-Work order to the dredging companies in the area pending her findings from the investigations and rigorous tests to be carried out. Everyone concerned have been asked to remain calm whilst proper investigation is carried out to ascertain the real cause of the incident”.

“We are not going to be biased in our findings as we are empowered to ensure all Lagosians and their businesses are protected within the confines of the law. Test samples of water, fish, and other necessary materials have been collected for testing, and we shall do all within our power to find out the real cause of the death of the fish”.

Cardoso averred that other agencies of the LASG have also been there
to calm the situation. The outcome of the result shall be made public
and necessary action taken if the alleged operation is the cause of the incident. 

The Director stated further that no party has being indicted at this
early stage of investigations, but we must assure the public that the right
thing will be done and the interests of both parties well protected.

“No individual will intentionally want to destroy another person’s business as a result of land operations. Hence, there may be a lot of unforeseen causes, which shall be unravelled by our findings. The Sanwo-Olu administration is on top of this case, and the public is assured that everything will be done to forestall any future occurrences”, Cardoso started.

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