The Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, has taken a significant step in optimising mining operations with the engagement of haulage fees consultants. The initiative aims to streamline mining activities by current operational standards.

Addressing stakeholders at the Ministry Conference Room on the development on Thursday, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Energy and Mineral Resources, Engr. Abiola Olowu underscored the pivotal role of haulage fee consultants in enhancing efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance within the mining sector.

Emphasising the importance of adherence to operational guidelines, Engr. Olowu reiterated the need for miners and truck drivers to prioritise safety protocols, environmental regulations, and industry-specific requirements. 

He outlined meticulous criteria for selecting consultants, focusing on expertise, experience, and a proven track record, while also delineating transparent procurement procedures and contractual agreements to align with state objectives.

While highlighting road safety as a paramount concern, Engr. Olowu reminded truck drivers to observe load limits prescribed by state regulations to safeguard both lives and infrastructure, stressing that inspections and monitoring will be conducted by state authorities to uphold operational standards, with non-compliance carrying potential fines, penalties, or operational suspension.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Engr. Sholabomi Shashore underscored the necessity of consulting with all relevant stakeholders including mining companies to foster collaboration and collective responsibility in maintaining industry standards.

In line with safety measures, Engr. Shashore emphasised the mandatory nature of obtaining permits and licences for mining and transportation activities, ensuring strict adherence to authorised operations and conditions outlined therein.

“As Lagos State takes proactive measures to enhance mining operations, the engagement of haulage fees consultants marks a significant milestone towards sustainable and compliant practices, heralding a promising future for the region’s mineral resources sector”, she stated.

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